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NeoBux PTC program

NeoBux is an new PTC (Pay To Click) program where you earn money by visiting advertisements and by refering NeoBux site. This is still a new PTC program but it has lot of users and it has already paid lots of money. I'm the one who has received money from them. In this post you will find out how to easy and quick earn a lot of money!

Why you should believe to them? Maybe it's a SCAM!
No, no and no! It's not a scam! Millions of users have been using NeoBux so far and they were paid. Here are the other things why you should believe to them, so check it out:
This PTC program isn't on any black list and no one talks bad about them
-Many people earn a lot of money there and they have been payed every cent of their earnings
-Millions of users there
-They have no reason to cheat, because they earn from that (advertisers pay to NeoBux for advertising their sites, and NeoBux pays a part from that money to us for clicking on this advertisements)
-You can find millions succes stories on forums, web sites and blogs, which is the proof that people have been payed
-I've received money from NeoBux too

Signing up (How to?)
Click there to proceed to the registration. This link will redirect you to NeoBux main page. When you get there, take a look on left, yellow side. This is for partners (for earning). There you have a short text about NeoBux, but you can click on "Learn more" and read more about their program. When you want to register, click on "Register now" and you will be proceeded to registration form.

Complete the following informations, enter your e-mail adress and your AlertPay adress. What is AlertPay adress? This is an e-mail that you use on AlertPay. Trough this e-mail they will pay you. If you didn't create and AlertPay account yet, you can use the same e-mail for AlertPay that you used for e-mail and later you can create with that mail an AlertPay account. Also, you can always change your AlertPay adress in your Profile options. After mails, you need to enter your birth year and write a code from the image in the field "Image verification". Then press "Continue" and you have succesfully registered! Then you need only to verificate your e-mail adress by clicking the link you received via e-mail from NeoBux and your account is ready to earning!

Earning process
Here you will learn how to earn on NeoBux PTC! It's simply and easy! First you need to login on your account. Wach out on secondary password, you don't need to write it if you don't have it. Just left it blank if you don't have it. This ISN'T an "repeat password" function! When you're logged on, click on "View Advertisements" on top right corner! Then you will see the list of ads. Click on one ad and then you will need to locate the red dot on the ad. After you clicked on the dot, yoou will be redirected to the ad. Now you need to wait for validating the ad. You will see on the top a yellow bar. After it reaches the end, you will see the text "Advertisement validated! " and you will earn 0.01$. This is it. Like that you need to do all ads (about 4 ads are displayed). When you finish with all ads, this is it for this day! But your ads doesn't reset in 0:00 h! Over the ad's list, you have the time when your ads will be reseted ("Your advertisement clicks reset at"). After the clocl reaches this value, you can click again!

You think that about 4 cents a day is a low earning? Wait! This is not all! The main earning is in refferals! What are referrals? Referrals are registered users who have registered trough your link! You have your referal link which you can found in your profile options, and then in "Banners". You can use one of offered banner too! When somebody register trough your link, you get some bonus, and everytime when he click the ad, you get 0.01$ too! For example, you have 10 refferals. This is 10 refferals + you = 11 users who clicks 4 ads a day worth 0.01 $. This is 0.44 $ per day, 3.08 $ per week, 13.2 $ per month, 160.6 $ per year!

Rented Referals
If you have problems with finding referrals, you can rent referrals! You can buy packets of 3, 10, 20, 30, 50, 70 and 100 referrals! You can purchase only one packet every 7 days! Your first 2 rentals have a special discount. After these first rentals the price will be the one determined for standard members. This discount is only for rental and not for AutoPay or Extensions.

Golden Membership
You can upgrade your account to Golden Membership and earn more per click, have more ads and options etc. To upgrade you fist need to meet minimum requirements: 
-Have 50 clicks credited
-Have rented at least twice
-Registered at least 15 days ago

Alert pay
Alertpay is and internet account where you receive your earned money from NeoBux. When you receive some money, you can get it by cheque, or buy something on internet. You can create an account on Alertpay here. If you don't have an Alertpay account, you can create a NeoBux account without it. In "Alertpay e-mail" field just time your mail, and when creating an Alertpay account, use the same mail.

Useful advices
-Click every day! 5 min maksimum of work per day! And, untill 30 sec pass, you can work some other things.
-Do a lot of pages and blogs for advertising your refferal link
-Tell your family and friends for it
-Tell people on chats, MSN, Skype...
-With earned money buy unreffered refferals

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