Monday, 4 August 2008

Introduction is a PTC ( Pay To Click ) program where you can earn by clicking on ads and reffering the site. This is the most famous PTC program and it's checked! There are millions of users worldwide and a lot of succes stories! Here you will find out how to easy and quick earn big amounts of money on!

Why you should believe it? Is it secure? Is it a scam?

No it's not a scam! Here are reasons why it isn't a scam!
-This PTC program isn't on any black list and no one talks bad about them
-Many people earn a lot of money there and they have been payed every cent of their earnings
-Millions of users there
-They have no reason to cheat, because they earn from that ( advertisers pay to Bux for advertising their sites, and Bux pays a part from that money to us for clicking on this advertisements )
-You can find millions succes stories on forums, web sites and blogs, which is the proof that people have been payed
-I receive money from Bux too

Earning process
How to earn? It's simply!
-In Surf Ads are minimum 10 advertisements ( sometimes 20 ) and you click it
-Each ad you can click once per day so when you click all ads, you're finished for this day
-Each ad brings to you 1 cent ( 0.01 $ ) so this is more than 10 cents per day, more than 3 $ per month and more than 36 $ per year
-You can click only one ad in moment! Two or more ads opened will result with no money!

You think that > 10 cents a day is a low earning? Wait! This is not all! The main earning is in refferals! What are refferals? When you sign up on, you get a refferal link which you need to advertise ( doing sites and blogs, telling to family and friends for etc. ) and, when somebody sign up on throught your link, you get bonus, and you earn on each his click. For example, you have 10 refferals. This is 10 refferals + you = 11 users who clicks 10 ads a day worth 0.01 $. This is 1.1 $ per day, 7.7 $ per week, 33 $ per month, 401.5 $ per year!

Unreffered members
What is this? Every day thousands of users sign up to! Many of them sign up trought main page, and they are not a refferal of nobody. So, they are on sell ( no account, just, if you purchase, they became your refferals ). You can purchase 15, 35, 100 and 500 refferals. They are cheap and you get this money back in 7 days by their clicks and after is a clear earning!

If you don't want to pay with your personal money, you can with earned money from pay this member packets!

Premium account
What is a premium account? You need to pay it 59 $, but then you have minimum 20 ads every day, you and your referals's link then worth 0.0125 $ ( no more 0.01 $ ), you can get Mastercard where you can get your payment instantly and it works on all ATM machines. With premium account, payments are processed faster!

Useful advices
-Click every day! 5 min maksimum of work per day! And, untill 30 sec pass, you can work some other things.
-Do a lot of pages and blogs for advertising your refferal link
-Tell your family and friends for it
-Tell people on chats, MSN, Skype...
-With earned money buy unreffered refferals

Signing up ( How to? )

How to sign up on It's very simple! Just click here or on one of links in this post. Then you will go to page. There you have explained all things. Then you need to click on "Join now and receive a $0.05 Sign-up Bonus". Then you will get a form to fill. In Alertpay mail you need to type your Alertpay mail. More about Alertpay read down there. When you finish a SIgn up process, this is it. Now, start clicking and earning money!

Alert pay
Alertpay is and internet account where you receive your earned money from When you receive some money, you can get it by cheque, or buy something on internet. You can create an account on Alertpay here. If you don't have an Alertpay account, you can create a account without it. In "Alertpay e-mail" field just time your mail, and when creating an Alertpay account, use the same mail.

For more informations, leave comments!

And don't forget to click every day!

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